Le lycée des Routes

Une nouvelle que j’ai écrite, où une bande d’adolescents qui ne se connaissent qu’à peine se retrouvent à devoir sauver le monde (wow comment c’est SUPER ORIGINAL). Ma foi je voulais m’amuser et j’ai laissé libre cours à mes pulsions jodorowskiennes. À lire ici J’ai écrit cette nouvelle dans le but de faire tout un tas d’erreurs dont je pourrais apprendre. Voilà ce que j’ai appris : les dialogues doivent décrire les intonations, par exemple « dit-il avec étonnement ».

How to make awesome PDFs with markdown using Eisvogel

Are you like me? Do you hate WYSIWYG document editors like Word, Page, or LibreOffice Writer? Are you more of a markdown person? Do you like text-based projects? Being a linux hardcore freak (or a wanabee linux hardcore freak), are you unafraid of the command line? Well I’ve got just the workflow for you : Write in markdown Generate a PDF with black magic Conquer the world Let’s dive in this together, in a drunken and self-deprecating mindset, otherwise it won’t be fun.

Unix sockets, the basics in Rust

I found myself wondering about unix sockets while working on Sōzu, a reverse proxy written in Rust. A bunch of Sōzu issues led me to dig into Sōzu channels, which themselves make use of Metal I/O ’s implementation of unix sockets. Here are the questions, summed up: what are unix sockets? how can we create them in Rust? how do we use them to stream data? So here we go.

My resume but it's only the gaps

This is an answer to all those recruiters asking “How do you explain this gap in your resume?”. I couldn’t stand pretending to be a healthy human being, so here is the truth. (born 1986) 2004 - 2005, Caen, Normandy. First year of a Physics Measurements degree. Failed spectacularly. 2007-10 - 2007-12, Stuttgart, Germany. Wandering in Germany searching for a job. 2008-10 - 2009-03, Heidelberg, Germany. Learning japanese at the university hoping to work in Japan.

Rust, ou le plaisir de coder

Voici la conférence que j’ai animée au CaenCamp en octobre 2021, où je passe en revue les bases de Rust, au compilateur très pédagogique. En plus de la vidéo, retrouvez : Les slides en ligne Le dépôt github avec tous le code présenté, et plus encore

Tetris in the browser

One day I understood I could write javascript the proper way : object-oriented with separate files with JSdocs types as far away from the HTML as possible AND have it work in the browser. So I ported my dear tetris logic I had written in Rust for the terminal into the browser, using canvas. Play it here. I’m afraid it only works on the desktop, and it may be buggy, but hey I made a tetris, how awesome is that?